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Are you tired from the dirty look of your furniture ?

Furniture forms an essential part of every house. People keep furniture at their homes for living usages and to improve the look of their homes. It is important that the furniture that is placed in our homes should be clean and neat. In case the furniture gets stained, the overall look of the house will not look good and will have a dirty look. It is very important to keep the upholstered furniture cleaned all the time to maintain its quality. Calling a professional company like Sydney Advanced Cleaning, will insure that the job gets done with a peace of mind.

Usually the furniture gets stained and dirty because of many factors and some of them are oil spillages, food grease, drinks, pets urine, etc.

There are a number of ways in which you can remove the stains from the furniture.

For any type of stain, it must be noted that the stain should not be rubbed. This is because rubbing the stain can unnecessarily increase the size of the stain instead of decreasing. Any type of furniture should be first blotted with a clean white paper or white towel. Continue doing this till all the liquid that is spilled is absorbed by the towel or paper. And then use some cold water to stop any chemical reactions.

Choosing the right material when buying new furniture

Upholstered furniture can be found in different forms including lounges suites, dining chairs, bedheads and more. If you are a young family buying new furniture, we always advise buying dark coloured fabrics as this will help to hide any dirt or spillages done by anyone in the family till you get it cleaned by a professional company like Sydney Advanced Cleaning.

When buying there are so many different materials to choose from but we advise that you always look at the care instructions and make sure that it is safe to be cleaned by hot water extraction as this is the best method to deep clean your fabric and take any dirt out of it. We are saying that because you can spend hundreds of dollars on certain fabrics like linen or cotton because it looks nice however it will cost you more to get it cleaned. Most of the linen fabrics will enquire solvent base machines to clean it up and only limited suppliers can provide the service and it is very expensive. So always look for the care instructions as this will help you to avoid additional costs for future cleaning.

What is the best way to clean upholstery?

We always advise that steam cleaning is the best method as it deep cleans your fabric and flushes all the dirt out. It does take longer to dry around eight hours but the best result is guaranteed specially if you are asthmatic or have kids. After cleaning a scotch guard is highly recommended to be applied as it will form a layer of protection on the fabric surface prevents any spillages from penetrating and will make the cleaning process much easier which will also will decrease the cleaning cost.

Upholstery cleaning is recommended to be done at least once a year by a professional company like Sydney Advanced Cleaning. Even if the fabric looks clean, you will be surprised how much dirt will be hiding underneath. Regular cleaning is highly recommended

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